AWF financial support

The AWF has a commitment to ensure sustainability of WSLA and to invest in women leaders from around the world

Enkhtsatsral from Mongolia (second left), Nadica from N.Macedonia (third from left), Suvarna from India (fourth from right) and Khalida from Denmark/Afghanistan (third from right) were all supported by the AWF to attend WSLA 2019

The AWF has supported 45 women from 23 countries to participate in or facilitate a WSLA at the University of Chichester

Dr Lucy Piggott completed a charity trek to raise money that supported Vasu (l) and Evgenia (r) to attend WSLA 2017


45 participants from the following 23 countries have been financially supported to attend a WSLA residential week. They were afforded either a registration fee waiver, a grant to cover their travel requirements, or both.

St Lucia
South Africa
Trinidad and Tobago

Denmark (Afghanistan)


The AWF has also provided financial assistance to graduates to return to WSLA as trainee facilitators:


2016 - Rachel Muthoga (2014 graduate; Executive Director, Moving the Goalposts Kilifi, Kenya) and Caroline Nyamande (2015 graduate; Women's Cricket Coordinator, Zimbabwe Cricket)

2017 - Nisha Rupnarain (2014 graduate; Coach Developer, Netball South Africa) and Tsosi Magang (2016 graduate; Vice President, Women and Sport Botswana)

2018 - Tikwiza Silubonde (2017 graduate; Assistant Programme Officer, Commonwealth Secretariat, Zambia)

2019 - Game Mothibi (2015 graduate; Global Executive Member, International Working Group on Women and Sport) and Betty Lallie (2016 graduate; Executive Director, SCORE South Africa) 

Betty and Game (second and third from right) were both supported by the AWF to be facilitators at the WSLA 2019 residential week. Rachel (centre) was supported in 2016

“I was very happy to represent my country in the field of leadership in sports for women with disabilities. My journey would not have been possible without the financial support of the AWF. Attending this leadership training has played a very pivotal role by helping me recognise my weaknesses and strengths in the field of leadership. It helps me to know about myself and how I could be an addition to my organisation to achieve clearly set goals."


Gomadevi (Nepal Boccia Association for the Disabled)

"Having attended WSLA as a participant in 2017, I was able to return as a facilitator due to the incredible support provided by the AWF. As a trainee facilitator, I had the privilege of participating in two days of facilitator training before residential programme began. The training helped develop my facilitation skills, build my confidence, and provided me with a toolbox resources of I can use in the future. I returned from WSLA energised, full of ideas and eager to continue advancing the cause of women in sport leadership."


Tikwiza (Commonwealth Secretariat)

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