Bespoke courses using the WSLA brand and concept have been delivered under licence since 2018. Three programmes to have utilised this have occurred in Africa. WSLA Botswana was hosted in 2018 and, in 2020, WSLA Zimbabwe and WSLA South Africa were hosted. Each programme has benefitted from a strong relationship between WSLA and the organising partners

WSLA in Africa

WSLA Zimbabwe

February 2020

25 women

3 countries

Partnered with


South Africa

Partnered with

March 2020

27 South African women

WSLA Botswana

May 2018

37 women

6 countries

Partnered with

Support from

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Anita White Foundation | Institute of Sport
University of Chichester I College Lane I Chichester

PO19 6PE | United Kingdom

AWF Executive Officer: +44 (0)1243 793506
Twitter: @women_in_sport