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Former chairs:   Sam L   (2011-2013)

Sam S   (2013-2015)

Nicole and Lilley   (2017-2018)

Ciar   (2018-19)

Lauren   (2015-2017)

Fundraise for our projects

The AWF relies on donors to ensure its projects are funded. Thanks to these donations, we have:

supported 45 women from 23 countries to attend WSLA

contributed to Catalyst Grants projects in Bangladesh, Kenya, the UK and Zimbabwe, as well as an online forum for Muslim sportswomen


Former student, James, raised over £1,000 for the AWF when he chose us as his designated charity for the London Marathon! In the past, we have also benefitted from the PESC Games and Battle of the Sexes at the University.

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We've regularly held events since our launch in 2011 and welcomed esteemed guests including Olympic gold-medallist Dame Katherine Grainger, pictured with former Chair, Sam.

WSLA is our flagship event. Former Chairs Sam and Lauren (below) helped make the event a success!


We are looking to grow your personal development even further with dedicated workshops on leadership. Stay tuned to find out more!



Graduation Award

Awarded since 2015, we celebrate the student who has made the greatest contribution to the development of women and sport during their studies at the University of Chichester. Nominations are made by Heads of Areas within the Institute of Sport and Student Union Sport Federation.

To win the award, there will be demonstrable evidence that, during the course of their degree studies, the student has excelled in at least one of the following criteria:  

  • Developed understanding of issues that limit women's involvement in sport (e.g. a dissertation on an issue related to women and sport)

  • Engaged in innovative practice to raise the profile of women and sport inside and/or outside of the University community (e.g. hosting an event; advertising sports teams)

  • Increased the participation of women in sport and physical activity (e.g. a physical activity intervention; delivering sports programme)

  • Demonstrated leadership related to women and sport (e.g. setting up/running a new sports club, coaching)

GradAward 2018.JPG

2018 Winner Natalie Hatchard (pictured with Anita and Jordan)

Natalie played an integral role in promoting and enhancing participation of females in physical activity and exercise throughout her final year at the University. She lead the set-up of, and successfully ran, an exercise referral scheme at the University, which aims to promote participation in physical activity to individuals with a range of chronic disease states, that may find it difficult to exercise.