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Dr Jessica Siegele announced winner of CBIRA 2021

Updated: Oct 28

The AWF is delighted to announce that Dr Jessica Siegele is the winner of the 2021 Celia Brackenridge International Research Award (CBIRA) for her paper is titled '"She is the Best Female Coach": NCAA Division I Swimming Coaches' Experiences of Sexism'.

Based at the University of North Carolina in the USA, Jessica impressed the judging panel of academics with expertise in the sociology of sport and child protection in sport with her demonstration of excellence in critical thinking, quality of scholarship, originality, and feasible potential to impact upon practice. Upon receiving the Award, Jessica stated she was "very grateful" and that "it is very rewarding for me". She follows in the footsteps of previous winners Dr AJ Rankin-Wright (2018), Dr Anne Tjønndal (2019) and Dr Beth Clarkson (2020). Professor Brackenridge was a close friend and supporter of the AWF and this Award is part of the continued legacy of her research and activism. To learn more about the Award, press here.

The Award panel also gave an honourable mention to Lucen Liu (Zhejiang University, China) for 'Mid-life Chinese women’s understandings of sporting pain and injury: A non-Western cultural analysis via the Confucian concept of ‘ren". The AWF wishes to thank everyone involved with the Award this year for their time and efforts.

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