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Dr Beth Clarkson wins CBIRA 2020

Dr Beth Clarkson is the recipient of the 2020 Celia Brackenridge International Research Award (CBIRA). Based at the University of Portsmouth, UK, Beth was recognised for her journal article titled 'Negotiating gender in the English football workplace: Composite vignettes of women head coaches’ experiences'.

The Award aims to recognise and promote excellence in scholarship on child welfare in sport and/or women and sport. It is part of the continued legacy of Professor Brackenridge’s research and activism as well as her support of the AWF.

Upon receiving the news, Beth said she was "pleased that the research was so well received and I am so excited now to continue on!" She has been awarded £500 from the AWF to support her future scholarly work on racialised and gendered inequalities that in part explain the under-representation of Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) women coaches in the football workplace. Her winning article is the first paper to focus solely on women coaches’ workplace experiences in football; prior to this publication knowledge was limited to coach education experiences and women in non-playing roles. It is also the first paper to explore the pervasiveness of gender inequality facing women head coaches in their navigation of gender in different roles across the football pyramid. Moreover, it is the first paper in the women coaches literature to use the novel presentation of composite vignettes (a form of creative non-fiction) to illuminate the consistent impact of gender in the football workplace. Importantly, this work extended our understanding of the numerous sociocultural and organisational barriers women head coaches face in specific occupational areas.

Beth told us that, "Celia wrote, among other subjects, about “Keeping Coaching Safe” and the sexual harassment of coaches. I believe this study is an extension of this seminal work with women and sports coaching". The AWF and the University of Chichester are looking forward to welcoming Beth to present her work as part of the Institute of Sport research series soon.

Full access to Beth's article is available here:

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