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Black Lives Matter

We are an organisation that works for equity and we therefore align ourselves with the fight against discrimination and, in particular, racial discrimination in sport and sport for development. We recognise the historical foundations of our institutions and are committed to act in solidarity and to use our power and privilege to take actions that are anti-racist and pro-Black lives.

We work in a transnational community with other sport organisations and groups who take action on racism and linked inequalities, especially gender-based discrimination. We contribute to these actions by allocating resources to female leaders in sport both in the UK and in the Global South. We are proud that the Women’s Sport Leadership Academy (WSLA) is informed by the realities and knowledges drawn from different regions (UK, Oceania, Southern Africa) and encompasses an inter-cultural understanding amongst graduates and facilitators from over sixty countries. We acknowledge that we still have work to do to ensure our AWF Strategy Group is more diverse and we will review this and take steps to address it.

The topic of leadership positions in sport is intersectional and complex. Our work challenges assumptions and stereotypes about women leaders in order to equitably change sport for the better and we are proud of being part of the solution to having more female leaders in sport.

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